Those who like to have their smartphone and their games and music in one device will like the Nokia X7-00. This is a smartphone similar to the format of the N8, but with a focus on entertainment. Get a closer look at the Nokia X7-00 here in this informative article. (more…)

Nokia C7No plastic for this sleek looking smartphone. The Nokia C7 is sporting a stainless steel exterior. Get a look at the other features Nokia crafted into this handset here in this short article. (more…)

Acer is not content to be left out of the tablet wars. They are accustomed to making much larger devices, like netbooks or notebooks. This time they downsized with a unique result; one huge screen for a smartphone. Get a closer look at the new Acer tablet phone here in this quick article. (more…)

Being able to experience the advanced technological features of an Android device does not have to bore a hole into your pockets. Or at least that is what Samsung believes in by introducing the all-new Samsung Moment for a great multimedia experience.

Delivering their own version of smartphone, Samsung unveils the all-new Samsung Moment that is packed with the same power as you’d expect from an Android device, but with a more affordable price range at around $180 than most would assume. Therefore, there is nothing that would inhibit you from going out and buying this phone model. Or are there any? Find out more below. (more…)

Dell has been known for producing top quality laptops and computers in the market, but they are yet to produce a breakthrough. With Dell Latitude E4300, you cannot compromise performance and ease of use for one of the most powerful portable machines ever created.

The Dell Latitude E4300 model of laptop from this well-known manufacturing company is one of the most powerful systems they have been able to introduce in the market in recent years. So, if you are willing to spend a great deal of money for an ultra portable machine that does not let down on performance, you will surely have your money’s worth with this notebook. (more…)

If site traffic and inquiries were any indication, then the new Motorola Droid is a guaranteed hit among consumers. On the days leading up to, and after, its launch, interested consumers flooded its site with questions and comments regarding this upcoming device. Even its manufacturers at Motorola has heralded this as going to change the way people look at smartphones from here on out. Is this mere hype and marketing blabber? Find out more below. (more…)

The new Samsung S3650 Corby is a great new phone designed to please the back to school crowd and then some. This model is geared towards those who are more addicted to smartphones than the average user. Take a quick look at this review on the Samsung S3650 and learn about this bright new phone. (more…)

MojoPACMojoPAC is actually a technology that transforms your ipod or usb hard drive into a private portable PC . All you need to do is to install the software on USB2.0 compatible storage device and then upload your applications and files , modify the settings and take it with you .


Hitachi 200GB 2.5inch HDDThere are already some 200GB HDD available from some other manufacturers like Toshiba , Samsung  and so 200GB HDD are not new in the market .

But , Hitachi claims that there hard drive is ” industry’s highest capacity , highest performance notebook hard drive with Data Encryption Technology” .  There is already a 300GB mobile drive available in the market by Fujitsu but no one offers Data Encryption .


Sony Ericsson T250‘Simple sophistication’ sums up the Sony Ericsson T250, announced today. The stylish metal finish of this compact phone gives it a premium feel that up until now has been the preserve of high end models. Add to this a feature set that makes it easy to stay connected, either with friends or the latest news, and you have the perfect partner for keeping in-touch with style.“Now you can have quality design and finish in a phone without the high-end price tag,” says Steve Walker, Head of Product Marketing at Sony Ericsson. (more…)

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