April 2007

Sony Walkman NW-E010Recently , Sony announced its new series for MP3 Players named as Walkman NW-E010 and the series will include the models of storage capacity of 1Gb,2GB and 4GB .

It supports some popular formats like MP3, WMA, AAC formats however DRM is not supported . The players are available in different colors like blue, pink, black, gold and looks stylish and slim and hence, living upto Sony’s name .

Some enhancements like arm band , sports clip and nechbands will also be available in short time .

Sony Walkman NW-E010 has USB2.0 connection so as to transfer media files from PC and the player can also be charged when connected to PC via USB .

The player has approximate dimensions of 82.9 x 22.4 x 13.6mm and approximate weight of 29g .

Waterproof Bathroom TVIf you need a television in every room or even in a bathroom then finally you have a solution to this . Envirovision has found a solution to this as they have come up with a waterpoof television which also have integral waterproof speakers .

Also,fiting this waterproof television is easy enough as there’s no need to of awkward brackets , no tv chasis . Adding to these , the products are available in a wide range of high quality finishes .

The specificataions can be found over hereĀ  and some of the great features include direct heat transfer technology , extra digital TV and Radio Stations .

At the end , if you love to watch television shows and even need a tv in bathroom , spa then now you have the solution for this which comes at a competitive price !!