Hitachi 200GB 2.5inch HDDThere are already some 200GB HDD available from some other manufacturers like Toshiba , Samsung  and so 200GB HDD are not new in the market .

But , Hitachi claims that there hard drive is ” industry’s highest capacity , highest performance notebook hard drive with Data Encryption Technology” .  There is already a 300GB mobile drive available in the market by Fujitsu but no one offers Data Encryption .

Hitachi claims that its 2.5inch hard drive , Travelstar 7K200  uses a key to scramble and unscramble the data while it is being written or being read . Also, the users can delete the key before disposing the drive .This 2.5inch hard drive ny Hitachi uses Hitachi’s third-generation perpendicular magnetic recording technology.

The hard drive is expected to be availble for retail in somewhere during the summers and it is estimated to cost around $250 .  Dell and Alienware will be first one to offer this hard drive by Hitachi .

In short , this hard drive by Hitachi can be considered as a combo of capacity and security .