MojoPACMojoPAC is actually a technology that transforms your ipod or usb hard drive into a private portable PC . All you need to do is to install the software on USB2.0 compatible storage device and then upload your applications and files , modify the settings and take it with you .

With MojoPac installed , you have the power of carrying your PC in your pocket wherevr you go .The sofware can be downloaded from the MojoPac website and once installed , you are ready with your portable PC .

Also,MojoPac supports hundreds of available applications and basically , MojoPac is an application that easily virtualize the Operating System .

With the help of MojoPac , there will be no need of loading the applications on other systems as you will be already having your own PC in your pocket .Also , there will be no trace of your work on the host system once the portable PC - MojoPac installed on it , is removed from the host system .

The software is already available for the download and it is also available for 30-day Free Trial !!