The new Samsung S3650 Corby is a great new phone designed to please the back to school crowd and then some. This model is geared towards those who are more addicted to smartphones than the average user. Take a quick look at this review on the Samsung S3650 and learn about this bright new phone.

The first thing you notice about this phone is of course the price. It is meant to be a complement to the Samsung S5600 but only in price. The S3650 does not have an on screen keyboard but does have a touch-screen. Tapping the screen in standby mode will bring up a collection of widgets. The widgets pretty much control the function of the Samsung S3650. The complete list will not be available in this article but a few widgets are; date and time, analog and digital clock, radio controls, shortcut to games, favorite contacts ( you can call or send SMS text with one touch ), stop smoking ( counts the days you have not been smoking ), and a diet widget that counts your days on the diet. The great selection of widgets allow the user to customize the phone to their liking with relative ease. The basic limitation of this ability is the small size of the screen. You can fit only so many widgets on a screen less than three inches ( 2.8 to be exact ) in size. Nevertheless, the pure functionality of the widget design is a very important feature of this smartphone.

The camera on the Samsung S3650 is on the front and can be used as a mirror. It is set in landscape mode. It comes with more icons on the screen to customize your photos as you are taking pictures. There are some neat special effects available to customize your photos. The camera also has video function and records in MPEG4 format. Samsung S3650 Corby

The S3650 comes with a plethora of extras including a FM radio, a memory slot for a MicroSD, sixty five megabytes of on board memory, a file manager ( to use the MicroSD card ), and battery covers that can be interchanged for extra color. The size is a smallish at 103 by 57 by 13 millimeters or 4 by 2.4 by .51 inches. The weight is 92 grams or 3.2 ounces. This makes it a bit on the fat side, but overly so. The battery is a 1000 mAh model and gives 250 hours of standby time and five hours of talk time. If you are a person who uses the web and email, you will probably get one day of use from the battery without a need to recharge.

The connectivity of the Samsung S3650 is a plus. It connects to most computers without the use for a driver. Just plug it in and go. It supports GSM networks and has bluetooth capability. Overall this phone is in the right price range to compete with phones that have more features and performance. This makes it the right smartphone for many at this time.