Dell has been known for producing top quality laptops and computers in the market, but they are yet to produce a breakthrough. With Dell Latitude E4300, you cannot compromise performance and ease of use for one of the most powerful portable machines ever created.

The Dell Latitude E4300 model of laptop from this well-known manufacturing company is one of the most powerful systems they have been able to introduce in the market in recent years. So, if you are willing to spend a great deal of money for an ultra portable machine that does not let down on performance, you will surely have your money’s worth with this notebook.
Before you could move onto the specifications and other features, it is important to set right off the bat that Dell Latitude E4300 costs at a staggering $1,349 and could go up to as much as $2,054. Thus, it is safe to conclude that this notebook is not your average laptop model. And for that cost, you surely can expect it to deliver topnotch features and options that defy functionality and efficiency.

Dell Latitude E4300From first look, the build and design for Dell Latitude E4300 creates a good impression. It comes with a tiny LCD bezel with an impressive chassis design, which is rather thin for a notebook sized 13.3 in inches. This notebook has also incorporated a modern and sophisticated looking design courtesy of a black finish, which is new to the series. The housing for the LCD comes with an aluminum appearance and you can expect the edges to not wear down easily.

Undeniably, the build quality for Dell Latitude E4300 is superior to average models. Rarely does the display wiggle and has been hinged onto such that it is able to effectively resist movement. This notebook also provides efficient support for the keyboard, which provides minimal flex even for those who type in on the keys with excessive force.

If there is one slight drawback to the Dell Latitude E4300, it would be the battery of the unit. It has apparently dropped the 3-cell system, forcing one to settle for the 6-cell battery that unsightly protrudes at the back of the unit. This is actually a minimal complaint although more meticulous clients could have a few issues with this feature of the notebook.

Onto the display screen, Dell Latitude E4300’s LED back lit screen is equipped with native resolution of about 1280×800. Thus, it is able to produce high quality images, videos, and other content on-screen. There are also various light options for this notebook, such that you can adjust it according to the natural lighting conditions.

When it comes to performance, this tiny notebook is packing in power and punch. The Dell Latitude E4300 comes with 4GB DDR3 RAM, 2.53GHz Core 2 Duo processor and 80GB 7200RPM drive from Caviar Black for maximum performance. In addition to that, there is a dedicated graphics card to enhance your multimedia experience.

The hard drive for Dell Latitude E4300 also loads at record breaking speed, but there could be some issues with regard to the storage capacity due to the amount of applications contained in this notebook. You can, however, address that with hard drive upgrades, which shouldn’t cost beyond $10 for a solid state hard drive function.

If you want top performing notebook that delivers from all aspects, Dell Latitude E4300 is your best bet.