Being able to experience the advanced technological features of an Android device does not have to bore a hole into your pockets. Or at least that is what Samsung believes in by introducing the all-new Samsung Moment for a great multimedia experience.

Delivering their own version of smartphone, Samsung unveils the all-new Samsung Moment that is packed with the same power as you’d expect from an Android device, but with a more affordable price range at around $180 than most would assume. Therefore, there is nothing that would inhibit you from going out and buying this phone model. Or are there any? Find out more below.

Samsung Moment PhoneIf you are particular about appearance and design, Samsung Moment does not disappoint. It comes with an industrial look with a slight edge; in fact it can appear outlandish when you bring it out for use in the public. It comes with a slider-style design and the screen on the top portion comes with a silver color. As with most Android phone models, it utilizes the QWERTY keyboard pattern and in black color for a sophisticated look.

As compared to most smartphones though, the Samsung Moment is leaning more on the large side. It is wider, thicker, and longer than most other smartphones in the market. But that does not take anything away from the phone’s portability function as it easily fits into your pocket without causing any unnecessary bulge.

If you hate having to navigate through complex navigation schemes, Samsung Moment is the best fit for you. There is a minimum amount of button controls and if you find the basic button menus a bit touch-sensitive, then you can certainly opt for the joystick instead. You can easily access other basic functions such as volume control, headphone jack, camera button, voice recognition feature, and the microSD slot too for more convenience.

Samsung Moment almost literally shines, which explains the claim why it can appear to be outlandish. But the display screen actually does its job, and does so impressively. Pictures, videos and other data displayed onscreen are vivid and really jolts right out of the screen. The display is so good that if you were contemplating on whether to buy this over other mobile devices, then the display alone would make you settle for this one.

Samsung Moment also does not settle for cheap impressions because it actually performs! It is run by an 800MHz processor and launches applications or commands at decent speed, without having to keep you waiting. Thus, it helps to boost the wireless and call quality of the device. The same benefits can be experienced when trying to go online via the Samsung Moment’s Wi-Fi connectivity feature and going online can be done in simple steps.

Aside from a robust web browsing experience, you can expect topnotch performance on the standard features for the Samsung Moment, such as Calendar, Contacts, and other entertainment features. As mentioned above, you can enjoy watching high quality videos on the go or create your own play lists. If you’ve left your digital camera behind and want to capture some great moments with family or friends, the 3.2 mega pixel camera installed along with this device can produce great shots, regardless of the natural lighting conditions.

Given that Samsung Moment is the first Android device released by Samsung, it is quite a breakthrough for them for having been able to deliver a quality phone that suits all types of users with no rubbish features at an affordable price range.