Acer is not content to be left out of the tablet wars. They are accustomed to making much larger devices, like netbooks or notebooks. This time they downsized with a unique result; one huge screen for a smartphone. Get a closer look at the new Acer tablet phone here in this quick article.

Acer is creating a stir with their first try at a smartphone. They seem to have gotten the specifications right the first time. There is no name for the Acer smartphone, not even a code name. Nevertheless, this is going to be on the market by Spring of next year. The size is similar to the Dell Streak. Those who have gotten wind of it put it into both the smartphone and tablet categories, similar to the Dell model. Acer themselves do not give any help, calling it, ” One hundred percent smartphone and one hundred percent tablet.”.

The screen is 4.8 inches in size. For comparison, a Nokia N8 is 3.5 inches in size and a Dell Streak is five inches. There is no prior data to compare models with this no-name Acer tablet phone. At the least it will have an LCD screen with “high resolution” format. The numbers for the resolution are 480 by 1024 pixels of power. Acer explains that their tablet phone can do the “pinch to zoom” but will probably not be needed since the display is so large.

The Acer smartphone tablet will have many of the high speed wireless connections that “big boy” smartphones have. It will have Wi-Fi in the “N” ( fastest ) mode. It will have bluetooth in the fastest version; 3.0. This is ten times faster than the last version of bluetooth. There is also HSDPA at 14.4 megabytes per second, the same speed as the old dial up connections. No WiMaX is being reported but at this early point, it could end up being on the Acer smartphone tablet.

The android operating system will be running the Acer tablet phone. By the time the smartphone is released, version 2.3 Gingerbread should be fully available. If that does not happen, look for version 2.2 on this handset. Android comes with over 175,000 apps in their marketplace. These can be used to increase productivity, save money, and keep track of a myriad of things, including friends and family. The browser is from Webkit and supports flash files, including the latest version, 10.1. The statistics for android show that most users are male, most apps are free, and twenty percent of apps are unsafe for personal privacy. The software is offered for free under the disputed title of “open source” software. Look for it to continue to grow in the near future.

The processor on the Acer tablet phone is going to be somewhat powerful. It will run at one gigahertz and come from Qualcomm. Two cameras will grace the handset. One on the back will be eight megapixels and one on the front will be two megapixels. The front camera is for video calling. The rear camera will be capable of high definition video recording at 720p. A flash is included. Exporting video will be accomplished with an HDMI connector or DLNA wireless. No price and no release date are announced for this Acer product, but look for it around April of 2011.