Nokia C7No plastic for this sleek looking smartphone. The Nokia C7 is sporting a stainless steel exterior. Get a look at the other features Nokia crafted into this handset here in this short article.

The C7 is a winsome smartphone. It has a nice rounded exterior devoid of what some would call “cheap” plastic. Stainless steel is used in its construction and the handset can be had in three colors. Mahogany brown, charcoal black and frosty metal are the names Nokia gave to the C7. It is small enough to get into and out of a pocket without much effort. It is 4.6 inches tall and a very savvy .41 inch thick. For readers in countries other than the United States, that is 117.3 millimeters tall and 10.5 millimeters thick.

The camera is a big addition to the Nokia C7. This is rated for eight megapixels of power and can handle high definition video. The rating on the video is 720p format with a frame per second rating of 25. The camera on C7 is different in that all subjects are in focus all the time. There is therefore no need for auto focus. Other features for the rear camera are dual LED flash, face detection and geo tagging. The C7 also has a front facing camera for video conferencing.

An ARM 11 680 megahertz processor is running the Nokia C7. This is fast enough to keep the smartphone from lag while in use. The processor is accompanied by eight gigabytes of internal memory which can be expanded with an external flash card. The external memory storage can be up to 32 gigabytes for phenomenal storage sizes. The 256 megabytes of RAM and one gigabyte of ROM help to round out the hardware package.

The screen on the Nokia C7 is a nice tool and easy on the eyes. It is featuring an accelerometer and proximity sensor for ease of use. It is endowed with 360 by 640 pixels of power. The screen itself is 3.5 inches, exactly the same as an iPhone. The LCD technology has thankfully been left behind for the more battery-friendly AMOLED technology. AMOLED also uses less energy than LCD for longer times between battery charging. There is no manual keyboard on the Nokia C7 so the virtual keyboard will be the only place to type out a message.

The C7 is highly equipped in the wireless connection category. It has Wi-Fi up to the “N” mode as well as GPRS, EDGE, bluetooth, 3G and even an FM transmitter. The FM transmitter is for sending music to a nearby FM receiver, such as the one in an auto. It is a cool feature that prevents a driver from having to hook up a wire from the C7 to the radio. There is no WiMaX or other 4G capability for the C7.

Games are downloadable and can be played on the Nokia C7, thanks to Java being installed. The battery is a bit on the small side, so talk time is slightly below average. Otherwise, the Symbian 3 operating system takes care of the C7 with noble expertise. Look for the C7 to be on sale for $434 dollars without a contract.