Those who like to have their smartphone and their games and music in one device will like the Nokia X7-00. This is a smartphone similar to the format of the N8, but with a focus on entertainment. Get a closer look at the Nokia X7-00 here in this informative article.

The “X” Series of Nokia smartphones is designed with multimedia in mind. The Nokia X7-00 does a good job with this by bringing lots of ability to the table. While most smartphones have one speaker, this one has four. Nokia installed four speakers at each corner of the X7-00 for superior music playback. The speakers are great for the sound effects from video games. As you could have guessed, this smartphone is loud.

On the back of the Nokia X7-00 is an eight megapixel camera. No word on flash, but since this handset is modeled after the N8, expect it to have high definition ability when recording video. There will probably not be a front facing camera.

The processor for the Nokia X7-00, if it is the same as the N8, will be running at 680 megahertz. It will be the ARM 11 with 3D graphics and hardware accelerator. The internal memory turns out to be different from the N8. The X7-00 has only 450 megabytes accompanied by 245 megabytes of RAM. This is not good for cruising through large programs quickly, but video games seem to work without a hitch. Since multimedia is the focus of this smartphone, it may not be a problem for the average user.

Running everything is the Symbian^3 operating system. As most reviewers forget, it is the most popular mobile operating system in the world. Nokia has overseen the development of Symbian and eventually making it “open source” software. It was one of the first if not the first to have true multi tasking. By “true” multi tasking, that means that programs remain running while other programs are opened. They are not paused, similar to the iOs 4 system from Apple. Thanks to Symbian the Nokia X7-00 has access to Ovi Maps ( better than Google maps ) for free, as well as access to the Ovi Store where thousands of programs can be downloaded. This buld gives the user four choices of homescreens over the three recently available. The Symbian system has a new browser and supports flash. The Symbian operating system is being exchanged for the new Meego software soon for an even better user experience.

A 3.5 millimeter jack is included on the top edge of the Nokia X7-00 for listening in private. The exterior of this handset is vaguely familiar to the N8 with its shaved corners. It is attractive and comes devoid of a manual keyboard. The connections that Nokia has with Dolby should help the music from the Nokia X7-00 to be high quality, especially with those four speakers being able to blast out a song. No prices are announced for this smartphone as well as no release date.