Free Web Hosts for Personal Web Pages

If you are thinking of putting your personal web pages on the Internet, free web hosts are the way to go. Free webhosing offer ample data storage space, graphical control panels, and several features. Many will even allow you to register your unique domain name with them and use that as your URL. If you go through a major DSL or broadband Internet provider, you probably have access to a web page creator through your ISP. When it comes to free web hosts, the price is right.

Free web hosts versus paid web hosts

The main difference between free web hosts and paid web hosts is the services offered. Free web hosts offer everything you need for a simple, personal web site. Paid web hosts offer tons of data storage space, which you usually won’t need if you are planning on uploading 25 or so detailed web pages. HTML files are typically small in file size, and unless your images are really big, they should all fit neatly within the confines of the free web host’s allotted space. Should you get really fancy with Flash animations or video clips, you will probably still be within the boundaries.

Free webhosting usually add banners ads and links to your pages, which you will not ever have when you use a paid web host (unless you place them there). Also, pop-up and pop-under ads are commonplace around free web hosts. This advertising can be annoying, but you’re getting the space for free - the company has to pay for the service somehow. Many webmasters who use free web hosts see an increase in spammed e-mail messages, as each free web host requires a valid e-mail address for registration.

Counters, guestbooks, and graphical control panels are common features with free web hosts. You can join communities and meet people who share your common interests.