Creative Zen StoneCreative has finally come up with one more model of their MP3 series . This time they have come up with something which can be termed as an Ipod Killer as it almost half of the price of the Ipod Shuffle.

As we all know , Creative is an old player in this game and is a worldwide leader in entertainment products . The Zen Stones comes with a storage capactity of 1GB and that also at a price of $39.99

However , the Stone has a drawback as it does not have a screen in it whereas ipod has a screen but the developers of the Stone feel that the Stone is so simple that it doesnt even require a screen on it .

The Creative Zen Stone Player can be used to play for 10hours from a single charge and it has a built-in battery . As an added feature, the player allows the users to skip between different folders .

With 1GB of space , you can store around 250songs which can be placed in order or even in a random with the help of a single click .

Stone comes in balck,white,red,blue,pink and green colors and it can also be personalized with skins .

In short , Stone is a simple player which will fulfill a user’s needs and since , it coosts $39.99 ….. the Creative Zen Stone can be termed as an Ipod Killer but ipod has great number of fans !!