Dell has been known for producing top quality laptops and computers in the market, but they are yet to produce a breakthrough. With Dell Latitude E4300, you cannot compromise performance and ease of use for one of the most powerful portable machines ever created.

The Dell Latitude E4300 model of laptop from this well-known manufacturing company is one of the most powerful systems they have been able to introduce in the market in recent years. So, if you are willing to spend a great deal of money for an ultra portable machine that does not let down on performance, you will surely have your money’s worth with this notebook. (more…)

acer aspire gemstoneThe new Acer Aspire Gemstones notebooks have been launched by Acer and they look amazaing . In short , they look great , something which you can expect from Acer !!

This notebook is the world’s first to offer Dolby Home Theater for Virtual Surround Sound across full line of notebooks. The cover of the notebook has a shiny jet black frame with the Acer logo over it . The Advanced In-Mold Technique has been employed to achieve this .

The notebook comes in with sensitive media keys . Acer Aspire Gemstone notebook has seven touch - sensitive media keys which makes it easier for the user to control the media .

The notebook comes up with something which is called as ” Empowering Key ” , you need to hold this jewel like key to enter the widget mode in which you can see the current settings like backup,security . The user can also adjust these settings in this mode by following some simple basic steps .

Overall , the notebook looks great and as it is launched by Acer , therefore , the buyer can be sure of good customer support and a fine product .