Those who like to have their smartphone and their games and music in one device will like the Nokia X7-00. This is a smartphone similar to the format of the N8, but with a focus on entertainment. Get a closer look at the Nokia X7-00 here in this informative article. (more…)

Nokia C7No plastic for this sleek looking smartphone. The Nokia C7 is sporting a stainless steel exterior. Get a look at the other features Nokia crafted into this handset here in this short article. (more…)

Acer is not content to be left out of the tablet wars. They are accustomed to making much larger devices, like netbooks or notebooks. This time they downsized with a unique result; one huge screen for a smartphone. Get a closer look at the new Acer tablet phone here in this quick article. (more…)

Being able to experience the advanced technological features of an Android device does not have to bore a hole into your pockets. Or at least that is what Samsung believes in by introducing the all-new Samsung Moment for a great multimedia experience.

Delivering their own version of smartphone, Samsung unveils the all-new Samsung Moment that is packed with the same power as you’d expect from an Android device, but with a more affordable price range at around $180 than most would assume. Therefore, there is nothing that would inhibit you from going out and buying this phone model. Or are there any? Find out more below. (more…)

If site traffic and inquiries were any indication, then the new Motorola Droid is a guaranteed hit among consumers. On the days leading up to, and after, its launch, interested consumers flooded its site with questions and comments regarding this upcoming device. Even its manufacturers at Motorola has heralded this as going to change the way people look at smartphones from here on out. Is this mere hype and marketing blabber? Find out more below. (more…)

The new Samsung S3650 Corby is a great new phone designed to please the back to school crowd and then some. This model is geared towards those who are more addicted to smartphones than the average user. Take a quick look at this review on the Samsung S3650 and learn about this bright new phone. (more…)

Sony Ericsson T250‘Simple sophistication’ sums up the Sony Ericsson T250, announced today. The stylish metal finish of this compact phone gives it a premium feel that up until now has been the preserve of high end models. Add to this a feature set that makes it easy to stay connected, either with friends or the latest news, and you have the perfect partner for keeping in-touch with style.“Now you can have quality design and finish in a phone without the high-end price tag,” says Steve Walker, Head of Product Marketing at Sony Ericsson. (more…)

Nokia N95Nokia continues to impress the market with its latest release of the N95. If you are looking for a computer that fits in your pocket then your choice should be N95.

N95 has got an amazing screen size of 240 x 320 pixels, 40 x 53 mm, which gives us a DVD like clarity. The camera is loaded with a resolution of 5-mega pixels and also supports the cyber shot (taking snap shots on the run) feature. This camera lens is protected with a protection lid.

On just taking a glimpse one might think that this phone does not have a keypad at all. But if we take a closer look we get an exposure to its amazing 2-way slide keypad, one for the mp3 player and the other is a normal number pad.
N95 has a 160 MB inbuilt phone memory and 64 MB ram. The memory is extendable up to 2 GB. The speakers that have been provided provide a high quality sound. Its got a usb 2 feature that helps in very fast data transfer.

N95 supports WIFI and has a high-speed connectivity of up to 3.6 mbps. This feature greatly helps people to use the Internet through the mobile. Apart from this, with this mobile you can get lost and by means of its gps and gprs feature you can locate yourself and get back home safely.

Now coming to the most important part that keeps the mobile alive the battery. The battery used is the standard Li-Ion 950 mAh (BL-5F) battery. It provides a standby time of up to 220 hours and a talk time of 6 to 7 hours.

Taking into account all these features we get a doubt is this what computers have become?

Sony Ericsson W880iSony well known for its music products has extended its reach in the mobile field. While people are suffering with a mobile phone, an mp3 player and a dig cam, W880i comes as a savior. W880i is packed with features that are far beyond imagination in a single mobile phone.

W880i has got a thickness of just 9.4 mm that would be three fourth of the thickness of a normal mans finger. It can be classified as the lightest mobiles with all features. It weighs just 71 grams. It comes in two color black and steel silver.

Coming to the memory it has a phone memory of 16 MB but the memory is extendable and can be extended up to 2 GB. This is a special w phone that is; it has the features of a walk man and is called the walk man phone. The sound effects are so amazing that you might get addicted to music.

Now coming to camera, W880i has a 2-mega-pixel camera that comes with a protection cover. For increasing the clarity during night times or in case of use in dark places W880i has a dual flash. This can also be used as torch in the dark.
  Data and songs can be easily transferred using the data cable. Fast Internet connection is ensured using the 3g technologies. Plenty of games are a part and parcel of this phone. Video call is also enabled in W880i, which is a highlight.

Now coming to the battery it has a standby time of 450 hours and a talk time up to 6 to 7 hours. The standby time has been increased to support its walk man feature.

Sony Walkman NW-E010Recently , Sony announced its new series for MP3 Players named as Walkman NW-E010 and the series will include the models of storage capacity of 1Gb,2GB and 4GB .

It supports some popular formats like MP3, WMA, AAC formats however DRM is not supported . The players are available in different colors like blue, pink, black, gold and looks stylish and slim and hence, living upto Sony’s name .

Some enhancements like arm band , sports clip and nechbands will also be available in short time .

Sony Walkman NW-E010 has USB2.0 connection so as to transfer media files from PC and the player can also be charged when connected to PC via USB .

The player has approximate dimensions of 82.9 x 22.4 x 13.6mm and approximate weight of 29g .

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