Being able to experience the advanced technological features of an Android device does not have to bore a hole into your pockets. Or at least that is what Samsung believes in by introducing the all-new Samsung Moment for a great multimedia experience.

Delivering their own version of smartphone, Samsung unveils the all-new Samsung Moment that is packed with the same power as you’d expect from an Android device, but with a more affordable price range at around $180 than most would assume. Therefore, there is nothing that would inhibit you from going out and buying this phone model. Or are there any? Find out more below. (more…)

The new Samsung S3650 Corby is a great new phone designed to please the back to school crowd and then some. This model is geared towards those who are more addicted to smartphones than the average user. Take a quick look at this review on the Samsung S3650 and learn about this bright new phone. (more…)